1.2.1 Cloud Licenses

Guide to running Karamba3D with a cloud license. Find out more on Cloud Zoo Licenses on McNeel.

If you are looking to upgrade an existing standalone or network to the cloud, please email us at license@karamba3d.com.


1. Load License

Make sure you have Karamba3D for Rhino6 or above installed.

Type "Karamba3DGetLicense" in the Command line

2. Login into your Rhino3D account

Login to your account at Rhino3D account. Cloud licenses are available on McNeel's Cloud Zoo Licensing platform. Create an account if you have not already done so.

3. Fetch license

Karamba3D will try to fetch the license from the cloud.

If this it the first time installing a license, there will be no license found. Click Add a License to add your license.

4. Add License

  • use Personal Licenses if installing an individual license for personal use

  • use Team Licenses if installing for a company or institution. Team licenses can be shared amongst any group of people.

5. Enter the License Key

You will have received an email with the license key.

6. Check License Details

Click on View License Details to see information about the license. It will display the type of license, the number of seats and the expiration date of the license.

7. Add License

Click Add License and the license should be added to your account.

8. Check License

Click on the license to check the status of the license

10. Fetch License

Go back to Rhino3d and click Try Again in the Licensing Window

11. License Loaded

The license will load and upon successful activation, the license information will be displayed in the Command Line

12. Check License Status

Open Grasshopper and place the "License"-component onto the grasshopper canvas and connect a panel to it. The panel displays the status and expiration of the license.

13. Load License upon Startup

The license has been successfully installed.

Every time you open Rhino, you need to type Karamba3DGetLicense to load the license each time. This needs to be done before opening Grasshopper.

14. Automate License Load

The Karamba3D license can simply be loaded by typing "Karamba3DGetLicense" each time Rhino loads, but this process can be automated in the Tools/Options -> Rhino Options/General..

Type "Karamba3DGetLicense" into the Command Lists textbox. The license will then be automatically loaded upon opening Rhino.

Make sure to run the "Karamba3DGetLicense" command before opening Grasshopper otherwise the license will not be activated.

Releasing the License

When pulling the license from the cloud for the first time, Rhino temporarily holds the license for a few days for offline use. You can manually release the license by logging out of your Rhino account. This will also release your Rhino license.

To release the license, you will need to logout of your account by typing "logout".

Check License

Restart Rhino and your license should run.

Upon successful installation of the license you should be able to open example files which have more than 20 beam elements or 50 shell elements. Double check if the license and correct Karamba3D version are installed by opening the below definition:

Account administration

Account Settings

You can log into your Rhino account to administer licenses and set up teams.

Create a Team

If you intend to share licenses with a other users, make sure to create a Team and add the licenses to the team. Read more on McNeel.

License Management

You can check the licenses installed on your personal or team accounts. All licenses can be administered here and live-usage can be checked.

Add licenses

You can add licenses by logging into your cloud account and proceed to the Add Licenses page. Read more on McNeel.

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