3.9.14: Interpolate Shape 🔷

The “Interpolate Shape”-component allows one to span a design-space with basic means: One Karamba3D-model, which is directly fed into the “Mapper”-component acts as the origin of that space; an arbitrary number of other models – the input of the “Interpolate Shape”-component – define a coordinate axis each. Linear interpolation takes place between the model at the origin and those defining the axes.

A parameter value of 0.0 corresponds to the origin, 1.0 to the model defining the corresponding axis.

Fig. shows a definition where the first 30 eigenforms (the thin red lines in fig. of a simply supported beam serve as the shape-dimensions of the design space.

Galapagos is used to determine the position in that design-space which results in minimum deflection under a single load at mid-span. It is clear (think of a hanging model) that the optimum shape has a sharp kink under the load and is otherwise straight. Fig. shows the result of the optimization run which resembles the ideal shape to a large degree. A sharper bend underneath the load could be achieved by including more shape-dimensions in the design space.

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