2.2.5: Choose an Algorithm

Karamba3D offers various options of analyzing a structural model. The “Analyze” component (see fig. calculates the deformation and stresses of a model under external loads. The “Deformation”-slider in the submenu “Display Scales” of the “ModelView”-component allows you to scale the graphical output of the displacements. The default magnification factor is 50. In case the numeric range of the “Deformation”-slider does not fit it can be adapted.

A double-click on the knob of the slider invokes a window for adapting the slider settings.

In order to get the numbers which correspond to the colors of the utilization output a “Legend”-component is used in fig. Dividing the normal stress in a point of the cantilever by the strength of its material gives the stress-wise utilization output of the “BeamView”-component. Negative values correspond to compression, positive values to tension. Stress-wise utilization can be misleading: slender beams under axial compression buckle and thus collapse before the compressive stresses reach the material strength. The “Utilization”-component includes stability and should be used in such cases.

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