Karamba3D 2.2.0
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3.9.17: Cross Section Properties

The "Cross Section Properties"-component can be used to determine the area and bending properties of arbitrary cross sections with multiple holes. Fig. shows the application to a tube cross section and a comparison to the exact values of an equivalent circular hollow section.
Fig. The "Cross Section Properties"-component applied to a tube cross section.
The component's input-plug "P" expects a list of polylines with straight segments. These need to lie in the global YZ-plane and are assumed to be closed. When counterclockwise with respect to the X-axis they enclose the cross section otherwise an interior hole.
The output corresponds to that of the "Disassemble Cross Section"-component. The output-plug "alpha" returns the angle of inclination of the cross section's principal axes of inertia with respect to local Y- and Z-Axis in radians.