1.2.4 Standalone Licenses

Guide to running Karamba3D with a standalone license.

Standalone licenses are only supported for workshops and universities.

If you have already received your license file or downloaded a trial license from our website, proceed to Step B.

A. Locate "machine.id" file

A1. Locate License Component

Once Karamba3D has been successfully installed, open Rhino and load Grasshopper.

Place (drag and drop) the "License"-component on the grasshopper canvas. This can be found in the Karamba3D tab.

A2. Save "machine-id" File

Place the "License"-component on the grasshopper canvas and right click on the red “K” icon or the "License" label. Select "Save machine-id file" from the menu.

Save the "machine-id" file and name it according to your name (‘FirstnameLastname.id’). Do not use special characters. Send this "machine-id" file to license@karamba3d.com.

B. Install License File

B1. Receive License File

You will receive a return email within 1 working day with a “XXX_License.lic -file which turns your Karamba3D TRIAL installation into PRO or EDU version.

Save this license file somewhere on your computer where you can easily find it.

B2. Unblock License Package

Make sure to unblock the license before installing it. Right click on the file in Windows Explorer and go to Properties. If the file is blocked, there will be an option to ‘Unblock’ the file at the bottom of the Properties Window. You may need to adjust your Administrator or Security settings to be able to unblock the file.

B3. Open Rhino

Make sure you open Rhino as administrator before installing the license (right click and select ‘Run as Administrator’). You will need to have administrator rights.

B4. Load License File

Open Grasshopper and place the "License"-component on your Grasshopper canvas. Right-click on the red “K” icon or the "License" label of the "License"-component and select “Load license file“.

B5. Locate the License File

Locate the "XXX_License.lic" that you received in the license package. Click "Open" to load the license.

B6. Load License

The license should be successfully copied. If the license does not load successfully, make sure that you have unblocked the files as well as opened Rhino as administrator.

B7. Restart Rhino

Close Rhino and Grasshopper and open Rhino once more, this time in standard mode.

B8. Check License Status

The panel displays the status and expiration date of the license.

License Load Error

Errors occur if you do not open Rhino as Administrator or if you do not unblock the file before loading it into Karamba3d.

Manual installation in Explorer

Make sure Rhino is closed and that the "license.lic"-file is unblocked.

Rename the license-file to: "license.lic" and move (overwrite) it to the License folder of your Karamba3d installation.

This can be: C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\Karamba or C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Karamba.

Renaming the license file to "licensePRO.lic" ensures that the file is not erased upon installing Karamba3D updates.

Check License

Restart Rhino and your license should run.

Upon successful installation of the license you should be able to open example files which have more than 20 beam elements or 50 shell elements. Double check if the license and correct Karamba3D version are installed by opening the below definition:

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