3.10 Parametric UI

In some situations (like inside Shapediver) it becomes necessary to run Grasshopper deifinitions without having direct access to the Grasshopper canvas. For such cases the components of the "ParamUI" toolbar section provide the possibility to set the display options of Karamba3D models via parameter-input only.

These components are included in the standard installation but not visible by default.

To make these components appear in the toolbar open the karamba.ini-file with a text editor and set the entry with_parametric_user_interface to "true" (see fig. 3.10.1). This file is located in the Karamba3D installation folder (e.g. Rhino7\Plug-ins\Karamba\karamba.ini). One needs administrator rights to change it.

After restarting Rhino and Grasshopper the new toolbar section "x1.ParamUI" appears as part of the Karamba3D components (see fig. 3.10.2).

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