3.3.8: Cross Section Selector
The component “CroSecSelect” deals with selecting cross sections by name or index from a list of cross sections. Provide the name(s) or index(es) of desired cross sections in the “Name|Ind”-plug. Cross section names are not case sensitive. All characters coming after “#” count as remark. It is possible to use regular expressions for selection (these start with “&”). List indexes start from zero.
“CroSecSelect” lets you specify beams via the “Elems|Ids”-plug which shall be assigned a specific cross section. The “Assemble”-component sets the cross-sections of these elements accordingly. Alternatively, cross sections can be directly plugged into the element-creation-components.
In case one does not supply a list of cross sections at the “CroSec”-input-plug, the cross section table that comes with Karamba3D is used by default.
Fig. Cantilever with four different cross sections taken from the standard cross section table
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