Version 1.3.2

  • The definition of cross sections and materials via the “Assemble”-component has now priority over definition at components which generate elements.

  • Karamba3D can be used as a scripting library independently from Grasshopper. It now comes with its own geometry classes.
  • A project for running automatic Karamba3D tests under NUnit has been published. See
  • The cross section library has been extended considerably and comprises standard steel sections from the EU, UK, US, Russia, Japan, India, Canada, Germany, Australia, China, South Africa, Brazil and Korea.
  • It is possible to define initial-curvature and non-uniform temperature loads on beams and shells.
  • There is a Karamba3D version for Rhino7.
  • A model’s nodal positions can be changed via the “ModifyModel”-component. This is necessary since the “DisassembleModel”-component outputs elements with nodal coordinates attached.
  • “Joints” have now their own class and container.
  • All known bugs of Karamba3D 1.3.1. were fixed.
For the list of changes of all versions of Karamba3D see

  • The contribution of locally defined loads to the system stiffness is not considered in second order analysis or the calculation of buckling load factors.

Jon Mirtschin implemented an exporter from Karamba3D to IFC. This tool is part of his “Geometry- Gym” suit of Grasshopper plug-ins.
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