Karamba3D 2.2.0
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4.1.6: Default Program Settings

On start-up, Karamba3D sets its default appearance and behavior according to the values listed in the "karamba.ini"-file. This file is located in the Karamba3D installation folder (double-click on the Karamba3D desktop icon to get there) and can be opened and manipulated with any text editor. The file starts with a description of the syntax rules for defining the default settings. Each paragraph that follows contains a description regarding meaning and effect of a specific property and its default value. Among other things these settings can be changed:
  • System of physical units ("SI" or "Imperial")
  • Limit distance for snapping together neighboring nodes
  • The value of the acceleration of gravity
  • Limit inclination for verticality
  • Number format and display properties of output values
  • Properties of the default materials
  • ...
In case you want to keep your changes when upgrading from one version of Karamba3D to the next rename the initialization-file to "karamba_user.ini". This however incurs the risk, that newly introduced properties are missing. In such a case hard-wired default values take their place.
Administrator rights may be needed to overwrite the original "karamba.ini"-file.