2.2.7: Specify Materials

Materials can be either defined by manually setting their mechanic properties or by selection from a library of predefined materials (see fig. (3)). Materials attach to cross sections. There are two options for assigning materials:

  1. Assignment via the “Assemble”-component (see fig. The “Elem|Id” input-plug specifies the names of the elements to which the material shall be attached. Alternatively a regular expression can be used to select elements. Leaving “Elem|Id” empty sets the material for all elements. Materials are not attached to elements directly but to the element’s cross section.

  2. Direct input at the “Cross Section”-component like in fig.

Fig. shows how materials can be defined by element names “Elem|Id”: definition of an isotropic custom material (1); definition of an orthotropic custom material (2); selection of a material from the material library (3).

Assignment via the “Assemble”-component overrides direct assignment in the cross section.

Should you not assign a material to your beam or shell elements, the default material will be used.

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