3.6.5: Buckling Modes 🔷

Axial forces in beams and trusses as well as in-plane forces in shells change the element response under transverse load. Tension stiffens, compression has a softening effect.

Slender columns or thin shells may fail due to buckling before the stresses in the cross section reach the material strength. Stability analysis therefore plays an important role in structural design.

When doing cross section optimization with the “Optimize Cross Section”-component, the design formulas applied take account of buckling, based on the buckling length of the members. By default local buckling of individual elements is assumed. So-called global buckling occurs if a structural sub-system consisting of several elements (like e.g. a truss) loses stability. Global buckling can be checked with the “Buckling Modes”-component (see fig.

The “Buckling Modes”-component expects these input parameters:

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