3.1.13: Make Beam-Set 🔷

The “Make Beam-Set”-component provides a practical way for grouping different elements under one identifier (see fig. Beam-sets need not be disjoint. The “Beam Id”-plug expects a list of strings with beam-identifiers, beam indexes, other beam-set-identifiers or a regular expression. Regular expressions have “&” as their first character by definition. “Set Id” expects a string which serves as identifier of the new set of beams.

The group of beams defined by a set can be used for defining geometric mappings. In this context a beam-set represents a polygon of straight segments. The order of the elements in the set is defined by the order in which they were entered into the set. Such polygons can be split at an arbitrary position (see e.g. section 3.8.15). “MinSLen” (minimum segment length) lets you set the minimum length which may result from such a split. In case of potentially smaller segments the intersection point snaps to its nearest neighbor.

In order to group a structure visually, beam-sets can be given different colors. These colors show when “Cross section” is enabled in the “BeamView”-component’s “Render Settings” (see section 3.6.7) and the option “Elements” in the submenu “Colors” of the “ModelView”-component is on.

The identifier of a beam-set can be used anywhere instead of a beam identifier. In order to be registered with the model, beam-sets need to be fed into the “Set” input-plug of the “Assemble”-component.

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