3.7.10: Beam Forces

Sometimes it is desirable to have section forces and moments represented as components in the direction of the local axes of the cross section. Use the “Beam Forces”-component in such a case.Its output plugs comprise the force components in local directions (see fig. The sequence of element results corresponds to the sequence of beams. The cross section forces refer to the positive side of the beam section which is the side whose normal vector is the element's local X-axis.

A list of normal forces, shear forces and moments for all elements and all load cases is returned as displayed in fig. “LCase” and “Beams|Ids” input can be used to limit the results to a specific load-case of a subset of the beams in the model. The default value of "LCase" outputs results for the first load-case. Right-click on the component and select "Expand ValueLists" to get a ValueList-component for selecting ammong the available load-cases. Beams can be given via their element identifier, a regular expression for identifier selection or the elements themselves. No input at the “Beams|Ids”-input defaults to all elements. The input parameter "ts" can be given a list of parameter values between zero and one. Zero corresponds to the beam's starting point, one to its endpoint. By default results at the beginning and at the end are output.

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