Karamba3D 2.2.0
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Version 2.2.0 WIP

New in Karamba3D 2.2.0 WIP

  • 'ShellSection'-component for retrieving cross section forces and other results along arbitrary sections of shells.
  • Additional types of loads for beam- and truss-elements.
  • Line joints for shells
  • 'Cross Section Properties'-component for calculating geometric properties of arbitrary cross sections
  • Membrane elements
  • A refined element selection component
  • On-the-fly installation via YAK
  • Automatic generation of value-lists for several components (e.g. load-case input, dof input at supports,...)
  • Rendering beams and shells with cross sections results in watertight meshes with normals pointing outward.
  • Different types of strength hypotheses for biaxial stress states
  • Physical units of calculation and input quantities can be freely specified
  • 'ModelView'-component: Input-plug 'DispDir' lets one specify a direction for selecting displacement-components to be displayed. When supplying a plane, displacements get projected onto it.
  • 'Optimize Cross Section'-component: Input 'MaxDisp' can be supplied with a vector for specifying the length and direction component for limiting displacements.
  • 'ShellLineResults'-component: added display-option 'TransverseShear'.
  • Added materials to the material data base.
  • Added 'Dofs' input-plug to 'PrescribedDisplacements'- and 'Support'-component.
  • 'Shell View': Added cross section rendering without colors like in place for beams.
  • 'Settings'-component to update program options within Grasshopper.
  • Load-cases identifiers: Names can be used instead of numbers.
  • JointAgent-component: the given criteria for joint placement are combined via 'and' instead of 'or'.

Changes that change old definition results

  • Point-masses are excluded from the calculation of model mass and COG
  • Changed coefficient of thermal expansion alphaT for all types of steel material from 1.0E-5 to 1.2E-5 .

Minor Changes

  • 'ModelView'-component: 'Render Settings'-submenu: upper and lower range for color-plots can now be set independently for '% of range' and 'absolute value'.
  • 'BeamView'-component:
    • Added absolute scale for the display of cross section diagrams
    • Normal force diagram: changed color for compression and tension to ligth salmon and light blue respectively.
  • 'BeamView'- and 'ShellView'-component: Output of multiple meshes now as one welded mesh for faster display. Can be changed in karamba.ini via 'weld_shell_meshes_for_output' and 'weld_beam_meshes_for_output' variables.
  • 'Modify Beam'-component:
    • 'Joint'-input added
    • 'lg' input added for specifying the position of external loads for calculating lateral torsional buckling resistance
  • Joints: display of stiffness values added.
  • Made element-set identifiers secondary element identifiers. This makes element-selection acccording to element-sets possible after model disassembly.
  • Added Indian NPB and WPB I-Profiles to cross section library.